Electronic Point of Care
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EPOC Monitor is an on premise enterprise electronic patient records system which is designed for use by clinical staff to record patient information: diagnoses, investigations, procedures, drugs and treatment indications. Using data entered during a patient inpatient or outpatient attendance EPOC Monitor creates discharge and clinic letters automatically.

EPOC Monitor is fully integrated with Microsoft Office to support all forms of clinical correspondence. A Microsoft Word Add-In seamlessly integrates adding diagnoses etc into the database whilst typing a letter.

All correspondence generated in EPOC Monitor can be uploaded to GP system via interfaces to all the common interfaces: MiG, DocMan, DTS and WCCG. Fax and email are also supported for endpoints that cannot use any of these options.

Additional server options are available to export clinical correspondence from existing hospital systems and integrate them into the main document repository and upload them to GP systems.

Additional user options are available to support multi-disciplinary team meetings, HDU transfers, cancer patient alerts, clinical triage, ward drug ordering, referrals management and workflow, correspondence workflow etc.

EPOC Monitor is designed for hospitals in the National Health Services of England and Wales but is also available to healthcare providers in other sectors.

Built on .Net using Visual Studio and Windows Communication Foundation for all interactions between client and server, EPOC Monitor can be implemented in a single hospital domain or shared across multiple domains. Integration with Microsoft Office Excel for simple data downloads a Microsoft SQL Server BI database advanced for reporting.
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